February 15, 2023 Relevant News, Media, Podcast

The Uncast Show Episode 15 with SPXLabs

Uncast Ep15 1

Stefano Partida stops by the Uncast Show for a lively chat with Ed about ZFS, homelabs and gear, a listener Q&A, and much more!

Show Topics with ~Timestamps:

~00:30 Intro and Hellos

~1:50: Good shows on and games currently playing

~3:30: Steamdeck talk

~4:30: Who is Stefano, and what is SPXLabs?

~6:30: Making homelab content: best practices

~9:05: Current hardware and daily driver talk

~11:15: Browser talk!

Listener Question Time

~12:15: Question from orlando500 on Graphics Card recs for Windows VMs?

~14:35: Motherboard recs for Unraid servers?

  1. ASRock Romed8-2T/BCM

~16:45: Question about Unraid Multiple Array Pools timelines + talk about use cases

~19:30: Stefano's favorite containers and things to do with Unraid

~21:20: Browser/Security dangers and ways to keep safe

~23:15: Security best practices with browser containers and VPN usage

~27:30: Question about multiple UPS Support for Unraid

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~30:20: Question from Scott about Unraid ARM Support

~33:55: SPXLabs origin story!

~34:30: Intel ARC GPU support for Unraid = wen?

~37:40: ZFS talk time

~41:05: LuckyBackup using rsync; how does ZFS improve upon this process?

~43:05: ZFS protection against bitrot

~44:18: Stefano has a server closet now moonlighting as a dry sauna. How does he solve heat issues, and what's currently running in his server room?

~47:30: What's running in Ed's server closet?

~48:30: Why having a test server is a must

~49:55: Adblocking and vlans chat

~51:45: What's coming up at SPXLabs?

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