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Uncast Episode XIV: Return of the Uncast!

Uncast Ep14 5

Season 2 of the Uncast Show is back and better than ever, with new host Ed Rawlings, aka Spaceinvader One. 👾

On this episode, Bob from RetroRGB joins the Uncast to talk about all things retro gaming, his discovery and use cases for Unraid, a deep dive into RetroNAS, and much more!
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Show Topics with ~Timestamps:

Intro from Ed, aka Spaceinvader One 👾

~1:20: Listener participation on the pod with speakpipe.com/uncast. Speakpipe will allow you to ask questions to Ed about Unraid, ask questions directly to guests, and more.

~2:50: Upcoming Guests

~3:30: Bob from RetroRGB joins to talks about Unraid vs. prebuilt NAS solutions, use cases, and RetroNAS VMs.

~6:30: Unraid on a laptop?

~9:30: Array Protection, data recovery, New Configs, new hardware and client swapping.

~11:50: Discovering Unraid, VMs, capture cards, user error.

~17:30: VMs, Thunderbolt passthrough issues, Thunderbolt controllers, Intel vs. AMD, motherboard hardware, and BIOS issues/tips.

~21:30: All about Bob and RetroRGB.

~23:00: Retro games on modern TVs and hardware and platforms.

~24:34: MiSTerFPGA Project

~27:15: RetroNAS

~30:30: RetroNAS security: Creating VLANs, best practices, and networking tips.

~37:15: Using Virtiofs with RetroNAS on Unraid, VMs vs. Docker, and streamlining the RetroNAS install process.

~43:13: Everdrive Console Cartridges and optical drive emulators.

~46:50: Realistic expectations and advice to new retro gaming enthusiasts.

~51:05: MiSTer setup how to's and retro gaming community demographics.

~55:45: Retro gaming, CRTs, emulation scaling, wheeled retro gaming setups, and how to test components and avoid hardware scams.

~1:05: Console switches, scalers, and other setup equipment. In the end, it all comes down to personal choice.

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