7 January 2021

Ultimate Unraid Dashboard Version 1.5 is Now Available

The Ultimate Unraid Dashboard Version 1.5 is now available. V1.5 features Integrated Plex Monitoring!

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If you are hearing about the Ultimate Unraid Dashboard (UUD) for the first time, this is falconexe's and Gilbn's fantastic work at developing the Ultimate Grafana/Telegraf/InfluxDB/Plex/Tautulli/Varken dashboard for Unraid!

To read more on this project's original inception, see here for the full story.

They recently released Version 1.5, and the project is in active development. If you are a Grafana developer or have had experience building dashboards/panels for Unraid, please let falconexe know as he would love to collaborate!

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What's New?

UUD Version 1.5 adds INTEGRATED PLEX Monitoring via Varken/Tautulli. This update is loosely derived from the official Varken dashboard but is stripped down and streamlined with a Plex focus.

Highlights of Version 1.5:

  • Real-Time Plex Monitoring
    • Extremely Detailed Breakdown of All Current Streams
    • Current Number of Streams
    • Internal and External Streaming Bandwidth Breakdown
    • Stream Origination (Geo Location) With Interactive Map
    • Streaming Types
    • Streaming Devices
    • Detailed User Monitoring
    • Current Library Statistics Broken Out By Library Sections
  • Plex Library Growth
  • Plex Library Growth Over Time (Day/Week/Month/Year)
  • Currently Templated For Following Media Sections:
    • TV Shows
    • Movies
    • Documentary TV Shows
    • Documentary Movies
    • Anime Shows
    • Music
    • Customize for yourself!
  • Historical Plex Monitoring
    • Heat Maps to See Your Overall Streaming Saturation (Last Day/Week/Month/Year)
    • Device Types (Last Month)
    • Stream Types (Last Month)
    • Media Types (Last Month)
    • Media Streaming Qualities (Last Month)
  • Stream Log (Last Week with Limit of Last 1,000 For Performance Reasons)
    • Log Captures All Streaming Activity Via 10 Minute Intervals
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UUD Version 1.5 adds 50 new Panels within 3 new sections. These have been placed strategically within the UUD right below the Overwatch section, and right after the panels showing overall server health.

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Interested in Setting Up the UUD?

If interested in getting the UUD setup, please see Marius Gilberg's excellent guide.

The UUD is also compatible with Testdasi's Grafana Unraid Stack.

Also, please see the official support thread for questions, comments, and guidance!

Lastly, there is a new video series on the UUD by Nate Harris of Technically Speaking:

Want to Support the Devs?

If you would like to donate or buy the developers on this project a coffee/beer, please click the button.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this great project! Including: @hermy65, @atribe, @Roxedus, @testdasi, @ChatNoir, @MammothJerk, @FreeMan, @danktankk, @Dazog, and @MrLondon.

What are you waiting for?

See the official UUD support thread for full project details and guidance!