15 November 2020

How a Non-Profit Org that Uses Unraid is Helping Out This Holiday Season

The MyPocketChange non-profit brings meals to the homeless and families in need. They also use Unraid as their preferred backup solution.

My Pocket Change

MyPocketChange is an organization committed to providing meals to the homeless and families in need on a recurring basis.

A lot of what MyPocketChange does is data intensive. Whether they are matching donors with families and their needs or working with local vendors, keeping their information secure and safe is very important. Unraid's flexible environment allows the organization to easily add new devices and even spin up virtual machines for testing. This ease of use and flexibility really made it stand out. When it came time to choose a backup solution, they chose Unraid and we were happy to sponsor a license for them and spread their message of giving during this difficult holiday season.

Prior to Covid-19, nearly 3 million Americans were homeless and 47 million Americans were on Food Stamps.

MyPocketChange has worked with local volunteers to produce meals and get them directly to the areas that need them most. They work directly with shelters, relief organizations, and local businesses to do this in the most efficient way possible.

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Numerous families are going through emotional and financial hardship because one or more of their children has some kind of terminal illness.

Before Covid-19 nearly 50 million Americans like could not afford basic things that we take for granted like food, home goods, clothing, and toys for their children.

MyPocketChange is working with local hospitals for the 2020 Holidays. If you are interested in becoming a donor to help a family in need, please check their website, and consider donating during this Holiday Season.

Consider Donating Money or Time

If you wish to help the homeless by providing food or attending a local meal event, please check out MyPocketChange!