20 June 2024

Larry Hryb talks gaming, tech, and Unraid

Larry Hryb, aka Major Nelson, joins us to discuss his background in tech and gaming, his career at Microsoft, Unraid, and more.

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On the latest Uncast Show, Larry joins us to discuss his background in tech and gaming and his career at Microsoft on the Xbox team.

Larry is also a fellow Unraider and discusses how he found Unraid, his main use cases, and other tech and homelab interests of his of late.

Later, Larry discusses his departure from Microsoft after 23 years, what he's up to now, and his new role as Director of Community at Unity. 

We hope you enjoy this very special Uncast Show. Thanks for listening and watching.


00:00 Introduction of Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson
06:19 Key milestones at Xbox Live
08:29 Where the Major Nelson moniker came from
10:10 Surprises in developing various Xbox platforms
12:34 Motion gaming struggles and early war stories about Gears of War
16:21 Larry and Ed's favorite Xbox Games
21:25 Memorable moments with fans on the Xbox podcast 
26:07 How Larry discovered Unraid and main use cases
30:46 Larry's server hardware
35:01 Home Automation and other docker's
37:24 Rapid fire questions
45:49 Other tech interests
49:29 Gaming and Technology Trends
54:17 Life after Microsoft and his new role as Director of Community at Unity


How to keep up with Larry:

Follow Larry Hryb: 

X: https://x.com/majornelson 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/majornelson/ 

Threads: https://www.threads.net/@majornelson 

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