14 February 2020

How to Protect Against Ever Increasing Data Privacy Concerns

Did you know that Apple actually dropped it's plans for fully encrypted backups for iPhone users as a result of complaints from the FBI? This is one reason why you are the ultimate protector of your own data, and no one else.

Data Privacy

In a recently published article on Reuters it was reported that Apple ditched its plans to offer fully encrypted backups of iPhone devices to iCloud after the FBI complained about it. You can read the article yourself for the full details, but what we want to cover here today is a fundamental ethical and moral question: who really should get to control your data?

Instead of protecting all of iCloud with end-to-end encryption, Apple has shifted to focus on protecting some of the most sensitive user information, such as saved passwords and health data. But backed-up contact information and texts from iMessage, WhatsApp and other encrypted services remain available to Apple employees and authorities. 

At Lime Technology, we feel that it is our duty to put the user in control of their data in all capacities with Unraid OS. This means giving you the power to encrypt any or all of your storage devices in a manner that puts you ultimately responsible and in control of your data. While we are all used to living in a world where recovering from a forgotten password is as simple as clicking a button and checking your email, the thought of having to remember something forever or risk losing everything important may seem scary, but it can also be empowering. One thing you have to always remember is that if you can reset your password for something, so can the company you're resetting it through. In our recent General Security Tips blog, we give some further guidance and advice on how best to manage data encryption.

Now, we're not suggesting that Apple, Google, or other major tech companies have an active interest in abusing this capability to a nefarious means, but it does leave the door somewhat open to this. Regardless of their ability to manipulate your data, they always have the ability to control your access to it.

Control Your Own Data with Unraid

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It’s because Apple was convinced,” said one. “Outside of that public spat over San Bernardino, Apple gets along with the federal government.”
-Former FBI Agent

With Unraid and our encryption methodology, you are the commander of your storage and data. You get to decide who has access to what and you get to decide what's worth encrypting or not. We feel it is our duty to put you at the helm of the ship and not in some secondary role while we navigate for you. If you don't want that data accessible to anyone for some reason, you can go to your physical server, shut it down, throw it in a trash compactor, or drill through the hard drives! Rest assured, we will never forget one of our guiding principles: YOU control your data. Moreover, with Unraid you don't have to sacrifice privacy for convenience.

And sure, the article does highlight that it is possible Apple decided against encrypted backups out of fear that customers would find themselves locked out of their data more often, but shouldn't that ultimately be up to you to decide?

What do you think of Apple's recent decision?

How do you balance data privacy concerns, convenience and reliability?