December 18, 2020 Releases, Community

Community Applications Update

CA Update

Community Applications 2020.12.14 is here, and with it comes a host of new improvements!

To update to the latest and greatest Community Applications: In the Unraid webgui, head to the Plugins tab, find "Community Applications" and under Status, click Update.

To Install Community Applications

Click here and look under Installation

Notable Changes to Community Applications

Categories and Filters

"Categories" in Community Applications are now filters. When no search is being done, the Categories along the left are used to browse through the apps, plugins, and containers. Once a search happens, the Categories switch to now being a filter, and search results are now narrowed down within the selected Category.


Check out Community Applications

See the large and continually growing catalog of applications to run on your Unraid server!

Autocomplete Improvements

Search Autocomplete has been enhanced and results are now trimmed down to remove certain prefixes from entries.
Ex: 'Plex' will now not show 'binhex-plex' on the autocomplete suggestions).
Any app being "branded" now has the branding removed from the entries. Some examples: "CA Auto Update" now appears as Auto Update. "Dynamix S3 Sleep" now shows as S3 Sleep. "Binhex-plex" shows as Plex in the autocomplete search results.

Repositories Category/Filter

Additionally, a new category/filter is also available named "Repositories". This shows all of the available repositories from a given person/team. There is also a new button on the app tiles available on all the apps which allows for a repo to be favourited. If enabled, any search result from the favourite repository will always show up first in the list. The Repositories Category is a great way to find new apps, get support, join specific online communities, and donate to others for their ongoing work.


Community Applications on

One other new change is you can now view Community Applications straight from the Unraid website! Pretty cool, right?

Community Applications 2020.12.14 Change Log:

  • Add readmore link to tiles
  • Fixed: Statistics / Incompatible was showing the wrong apps
  • Added: Repository popups
  • Added: Favourite repository shows up first in any search result
  • Added: Filters on searches
  • Fixed: Plex appearing twice within autocomplete
  • Changed: Donate buttons only appear on installed apps
  • Changed: Refine autocomplete entries
  • Fixed: Clicking on a category already selected would re-search the category

What do you think?

Let us know what you think of all of the new changes to Community Applications!