November 21, 2022 Releases

Unraid 6.11.5 Now Available

6 11 X 1

What's New in Unraid OS 6.11.5?

The 6.11.5 release is focused on a bug fix and reverts a change that modified the wrong file. This resulted in not being able to select 'macvlan' custom docker network type. New installations only will now have 'ipvlan' selected by default.

Before Updating...

Create a backup of your USB flash device: "Main/Flash/Flash Device Settings" - click "Flash Backup".


  • fix: Set IPVLAN as default only for new installations.

To Upgrade

  • First create a backup of your USB flash boot device: Main/Flash/Flash Backup
  • If you are running any 6.4 or later release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Tools/Update OS page.
  • If you are running a pre-6.4 release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page.
  • If the above doesn't work, navigate to the Plugins/Install Plugin, copy/paste this plugin URL, and click Install:

Bug Reports

If you discover a bug or other issue in this release, please open a Stable Releases Bug Report.

Full Change Log

To see the complete Change Log, please see the forum announce post.