4 November 2022

Unraid 6.11.2 Now Available

Unraid OS 6.11.2 is here! Read all about the latest and greatest Unraid stable release here.

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What's New in Unraid OS 6.11.2?

The 6.11.2 release is focused on bug fixes, minor improvements and has important security mitigations in Samba. All users are encouraged to update.

Before Updating...

Create a backup of your USB flash device:  "Main/Flash/Flash Device Settings" - click "Flash Backup".

VM Manager

With this release, if you boot a VM from a passed physical USB device there is a new setting called Enable USB boot which must be set to Yes. This is due to a feature change in the latest OVMF component.


  • Added boot order for USB and USB Boot option. Using the 'boot order' field, a VM can boot from a passed-through NVMe controller/device.
  • Added virtiofs/9p Unraid share mapping.
  • CD Hotplug bug fix.
  • Fixed Hotplug within Templates.
  • Fixed changing from pass thru to custom CPU.
  • Tested for guest agent to suppress error message in libvirt log, and show text for guest not running or guest agent is not installed.
  • Fixed unable to change HyperV settings.
  • Added 'start with console' option.
  • OVMF for QEMU: version edk2-stable202208



  • Fixed problem setting up tunnels if using default network.cfg settings.
  • Fixed typo setting up routes.

Plugin Manager


  • If plugin files cannot be read from CDN URL, the download falls back to the non-CDN URL.
  • Enforce plugin files must end in '.plg'.
  • Fixed post hook failing when plugin download fails.
  • Adjusted the wget parameters to keep it from indefinitely hanging.


For scheduled Parity Checks, the default mode was changed to Non-correcting. In case there are disk issues during a parity check it would be safer to have the default be non-correct. If sync errors are detected then the user can analyze the log and act accordingly.

Unraid WebGUI


  • DashStats: The inbound network stats is out of place when numeric value is xxx.x.
  • Docker: Added/clarified Help to Docker Custom Network settings.
  • Docker: Fixed display aberration on orphan images
  • SMART attributes: clarified message: "Can not read attributes" to "Attributes not available"
  • ShareEdit/ShareList: shows pool not defined when share pool is not a defined pool

Bug Reports

If you discover a bug or other issue in this release, please open a Stable Releases Bug Report.

Update Assistant

Before updating, consider using Update Assistant via Tools ➡️ About ➡️ Update Assistant. Note: The Fix Common Problems plugin must be installed.

Update Assistant checks for Plugin updates, compatibility issues, and a host of other checks in order to make your update experience as easy and seamless as possible!

To Upgrade

  • First create a backup of your USB flash boot device: Main/Flash/Flash Backup
  • If you are running any 6.4 or later release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Tools/Update OS page.
  • If you are running a pre-6.4 release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page.
  • If the above doesn't work, navigate to the Plugins/Install Plugin, copy/paste this plugin URL, and click Install:


Full Change Log

To see the complete Change Log, please see the forum announce post.

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