June 14, 2022 Releases

Unraid OS 6.10.3 Now Available

6 10 3

The primary purpose of this release is to address an issue seen with some HP Microserver Gen8/9 servers (and other platforms) where data corruption could occur if Intel VT-d is enabled.

ALL USERS are encouraged to update.

Before upgrading

As always, please make a flash back up via Main → Flash → Flash Backup.

While we have not identified the exact kernel commit that introduced this issue, we have identified a solution that involves changing the default IOMMU operational mode in the Linux kernel from "DMA Translation" to "Pass-through" (equivalent to the "intel_iommu=pt" kernel option).

At first, we thought the 'tg3' network driver was the culprit. However, upon thorough investigation, we think this is coincidental and we have also removed code that "blacklists" the tg3 driver.

Special thanks to @JorgeB who helped characterize and report this issue, as well as helping many people recover data when possible.

Please refer to the Unraid OS 6.10.3-rc1 announcement post for more information on this.

To upgrade:

  • First, create a backup of your USB flash boot device: Main/Flash/Flash Backup
  • If you are running any 6.4 or later release, click "Check for Updates" on the Tools/Update OS page.
  • If you are running a pre-6.4 release, click 'Check for Updates' on the Plugins page.
  • If the above doesn't work, navigate to Plugins/Install Plugin, select/copy/paste this plugin URL and click Install:

For the complete change log

Please see the full forum release post.