Happy 17th Birthday to Lime Technology and Unraid

17 Birthday 1

On August 26th, 2005, the very first post announcing "a new network-attached media storage server product called Un-RAID" was made on AVS Forum.

What started out as a side project for "beer money" 17 years ago has turned into a growing and thriving company, product, and community of hundreds of thousands of homelab enthusiasts.

In honor of this milestone, here is the original forum post by Unraid creator and CEO limetech aka Tom Mortensen that started it all:

For those interested in mass storage for your HTPC I'd like to invite you to check out a new network attached media storage server product called Un-RAID .

This server has been designed specifically for digital media storage, with these key features:
  • You can mix and match up to 12 hard drives of any size and easily add or upgrade hard drives over time. That's a maximum capacity today of 5.5TB of protected storage using 500GB hard drives.
  • Like other RAID systems, uses a parity disk to provide fault tolerance against a single drive failure; but, what makes our system unique is that data is not striped across the disks.
  • Hard drives are mounted in removable trays.
  • All the operating system software resides in a USB flash drive.

From all of us at Lime Technology

Thank you all for the support, collaboration, and trust over all of these years.