Store, Backup, and Archive Your Data

Stop worrying about losing your data due to storage device failure. Unraid saves your data even if one device goes bad. Expand your storage needs by adding almost any storage device. Control your costs by reducing excessive and unnecessary usage on your system.

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Designers, 3D animators, developers, and video production companies all have a ton of data to store. And you’re going to need to add more. Unraid has all of your immediate and long-term storage needs covered.

Expand your storage with as little as one drive at a time.

Mix and match drives of different sizes, speeds, brands, and protocols, making the addition of storage easy.

Spin up only the drives you are using, keeping heat, noise generation and power consumption to a minimum.

Size your needs for capacity and performance independently.

Backup easily using Apple Time Machine, Windows Backup Services, or almost any other backup solution.

Take it from our Fans

“I've been using Unraid for close to 2 years now and I am extremely satisfied with the product, the support and the constant improvements made. Keep it up!”

“Must say thank you for the final release of UnRAID 6.0 -- The transition from 5.0.6 to 6.0 directly was smooth...I must say I LOVE the new DASHBOARD tab on the GUI, and the GUI itself looks really clean, excellent work.”

“Thanks for this great piece of software. I works great and I have it running for about a month now without any glitches and it seems quite a bit faster than WHS.”