18 January 2023

SSL Certificate Update

On Jan 1, 2023, we will stop renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on the unraid.net domain. Learn how to update to newer certificates with better privacy in this blog.

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As previously announced, we stopped renewing certificates for the unraid.net domain at the beginning of the year.

We had initially expected a grace period of a few months where the certificates would continue to work, but due to some necessary infrastructure improvements, the old unraid.net domain certificates are now invalid and will not work.

If you still need to migrate from the unraid.net certificate to a myunraid.net certificate, you may have difficulty accessing your server's webgui. 

Actions for Unraid 6.10 or Newer:

  1. If you can't access the server's webgui, use a local keyboard/monitor or SSH into the server and run 'use_ssl no'.
  2. Then, you can access the server via http://ipaddress (or http://ipaddress:port if you have defined a custom http port). Note: these are http URLs, not https URLs.
  3. Navigate to the Settings → Management Access page in the Unraid webgui and click the "Upgrade Cert" button.
  4. Click on the Certificate URL and verify you can access the server via the ipaddress.hash.myunraid.net certificate. You can change the "Use SSL/TLS" setting back to Yes or Strict if all is well.
  5. Note: if you have a high-end router and previously added an exception to allow DNS Rebinding on the unraid.net domain, you will need to add an exception for myunraid.net. This feature is on/off on most consumer routers, so no additional changes are required to support the myunraid.net domain if the unraid.net domain works fine.
  6. Be sure to update your bookmarks! The My Servers dashboard will automatically use the appropriate URL if you use the My Servers plugin.
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Stay up-to-date!

We highly recommend that you navigate to the Plugins tab and update all of your Plugins. Then, navigate to Tools → Update OS and update to the latest version of Unraid. You can read about the OS changes here ->

Action needed for Unraid 6.9 and earlier:

Older versions of Unraid do not support the newer myunraid.net certificates.

  1. You should be able to access the webgui using https://ipaddress (or https://ipaddress:port if you have defined a custom https port). Note that these are https URLs, not http URLs, so you'll need to ignore any browser warnings about invalid certificates.
  2. Navigate to Settings → Management Access and set "Use SSL/TLS" to No.
  3. Then, open a web terminal (>_) and type:
  4. rm /boot/config/ssl/certs/certificate_bundle.pem
  5. If you plan to stay on an older version of Unraid, uninstall the My Servers plugin, as it will be dropping support for older versions of Unraid. Warning: these older versions of Unraid are outdated concerning security updates and features, so we recommend taking advantage of our free upgrade policy and upgrading your system to the latest version of Unraid.

Need help?

Head over to the forums for help or questions.

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