We are searching for a QT Developer to revamp our USB Creator Tool.

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The Unraid Story

Lime Tech Co-CEOs discuss the origins of Unraid OS, the evolution of the product over the past 18+ years, and upcoming changes to the company to better align the product with users' desires in Unraid 7 and beyond.

Upcoming changes to Unraid OS pricing and some FAQs are answered in this blog.

With this latest update, we have made significant improvements to make the Update OS process more user-friendly and efficient. Read more about it here.

Get personalized, one-on-one support with an Unraid expert

Bringing you a more modern Unraid Docs experience that is fully searchable, versioned to OS releases, lightning-fast, mobile-friendly, and accessible to all.

On March 1, 2023, accounts accounts are migrating to a new identity provider. This will give you a simple, secure way to authenticate with our cloud services moving forward. Read on for full details...

On Jan 1, 2023, we will stop renewing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates on the domain. Learn how to update to newer certificates with better privacy in this blog.