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This blog goes over some best practices, tips + tricks, and build basics for users to run their Unraid servers in the most energy-efficient way possible.

On this date 17 years ago the very first post about Unraid OS was made!

Episode 12 includes thoughts on the latest Metaverse announcement and a PSA on Linux Driver Support

Episode 11 of the Uncast: Intel's Alder Lake CPU announcements, reviews the Pixel 6 Pro Mini and more!

In episode 10 of the Uncast, we give an update on Windows 11 support for VMs on Unraid and talks about VM gaming and how anti-cheat developers are wrongfully targeting VM users for bans.

On this episode of the Uncast – Sycotix, DiskDuck, and Hawks from the Ibracorp community.

On this episode of the Uncast, we talk about the new Matrix trailer, Apple News, and highlights some new content put out by the Unraid community.

Thinking about getting your own Unraid server? Not sure if you should buy it or build it? Not sure on AMD vs. Intel? Well, then this episode for you!