5 December 2022

Unraid Customer Survey Results

Over 4,400 Unraid users participated in our inaugural customer survey. See the highlights in this blog!


Over 4,400 Unraid users participated in our inaugural customer survey. Thank you to all who participated!

Your input is incredibly helpful to our team as we seek to understand our customer's wants and desires more clearly. With your responses and feedback, we have much better clarity on what we need to focus on and prioritize in the months and years ahead!

Summary of the Results

The 4,000+ responses came from 92 different countries. The vast majority came from North America, Europe, Australia, and China. The United States accounted for about 40% of responses. We see you New Caledonia!

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Usage Trends and Customer Satisfaction

The majority of Unraid users taking part in the survey have a single license, but a sizeable minority of ~25% have 2 or more licenses.

Respondents tend to use Unraid very frequently, with over 85% of respondents using Unraid every day. Over 97% of respondents use Unraid every day or at least once per week.

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The vast majority of respondents were likely to very likely to recommend Unraid to a friend or colleague.

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Importance of Product Features

Respondents were asked to pick their top 3 most and least important features.

Docker Applications, Parity Protected Array, Cache Pools, and VMs were by far the most important features.

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Additional Feedback and Gift Card Winners

We heard a lot of feedback for ZFS. We hear you loud and clear and it's coming in Unraid OS 6.12!

If you entered to win one of 10 $50 Visa gift cards, emails were scrubbed for any duplicates and then using a random number generator, 10 emails were chosen at random by spreadsheet row number. All winners have been contacted.

Thanks very much for taking part in our survey!

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