May 17, 2022 Releases

Unraid 6.10.0 Stable

6 10 Stable 1

As always, before updating your Unraid server please create a backup of your USB flash via "Main/Flash/"Flash Backup".

What's New in Unraid 6.10.0?


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Other Changes

CTA TO Forum Post

Wildcard Certs Wiki

For complete documentation and use case info, please see the wiki.


Both libvirt and qemu have been updated. In addition, qemu has been compiled with OpenGL support, and ARM emulation (experimental).

Windows 11 Support

To support Windows 11 (which requires TPM and Secure boot), we have added TPM emulation and added a "Windows 11" VM template which automatically selects TPM-aware OVMF bios.

We have also added instructions here for upgrading a Windows 10 VM to Windows 11.

Special thanks to @ich777 who researched and determined what changes and components were necessary to provide this functionality.


Docker labels

  • Docker labels are added to allow people using Docker compose to make use of icons and GUI access.
  • Look at a Docker 'run' command output to see exactly what labels are used.

Docker custom networks

  • A new setting for custom networks is available. Originally custom networks are created using the macvlan mode, and this mode is kept when upgrading to version 6.10
  • The new ipvlan mode is introduced to battle the crashes some people experience when using macvlan mode. If that is your case, change to ipvlan mode and test. Changing of mode does not require reconfiguring anything on the Docker level as internally everything is being taken care of.

Docker bridge network (docker0)

  • docker0 now supports IPv6. This is implemented by assigning docker0 a private IPv6 subnet (fd17::/64), similar to what is done for IPv4, and uses network translation to communicate with the outside world.
  • Containers connected to the bridge network now have both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity (of course the system must have IPv6 configured in the network configuration)
  • In addition, several enhancements are made in the IPv6 implementation to better deal with the use (or non-use) of IPv6.


The Wireguard plugin has been integrated into webGUI and there is no need for the plugin. If you had the plugin installed previously, it will be uninstalled and moved to the "Plugins/Plugin File Install Errors" page. No action is needed unless you want to press the Delete button to remove it from that page. Your WireGuard tunnels and settings will be preserved.

Resident network guru @bonienl has added the capability to bind a Wireguard virtual network interface to a docker container. One use of this feature is to configure a Wireguard-enabled VPN which may then be exclusively used by that container, while your main server makes use of the normal LAN network interface. Please refer to this post for additional details.

Linux Kernel

Upgraded to Linux 5.15.x LTS kernel which includes so-called Sequoia and Dirty Pipe vulnerability mitigations.

In-tree GPU drivers are now loaded by default if corresponding hardware is detected:

  • amdgpu
  • ast
  • i915
  • radeon

These drivers are required mostly for motherboard on-board graphics used in GUI boot mode.

Loading of a driver can be prohibited by creating the appropriate file named after the driver:

echo "blacklist i915" > /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf

Other Kernel Changes

Please see the wiki for full Linux Kernel changes in Unraid 6.10.0.

Base Packages

Virtually the entire base package set has been updated. Please see the wiki for full Base Package update info.

Other Improvements

Other improvements which are maybe not so obvious to spot from the release notes and some of these improvements are internal and not really visible:

Event driven model to obtain server information and update the webGUI in real-time

  • The advantage of this model is its scalability. Multiple browsers can be opened simultaneously to the webGUI without much impact
  • In addition stale browser sessions won't create any CSRF errors anymore
  • People who keep their browser open 24/7 will find the webGUI stays responsive at all times
  • Consistent state information is maintained across all browser instances open to a particular server

Plugins page

  • The plugins page now loads information in two steps. First the list of plugins is created and next the more time consuming plugin status field is retrieved in the background. The result is a faster loading plugins page, especially when you have a lot of plugins installed

Dashboard graphs

  • The dashboard has now two graphs available. The CPU graph is displayed by default, while the NETWORK graph is a new option under Interface (see the 'General Info' selection)
  • The CPU graph may be hidden as well in case it is not desired
  • Both graphs have a configurable time-line, which is by default 30 seconds and can be changed independently for each graph to see a longer or shorter history.
  • Graphs are updated in real-time and are useful to observe the behavior of the server under different circumstances

Scheduler Improvements

  • You can now split a parity check into smaller pieces and let it run over multiple days or weeks. For example a check can be performed in a time frame of 01:00am to 06:00am for several days in a row until it is completed. This way a long parity check won’t interfere with the normal day activities, like watching a movie.
  • Added ability to schedule pool 'balance' and 'scrub' operations and calculate whether a full balance is recommended.

The built-in Firefox browser available in GUI-mode boot is built as an AppImage and located in the bzfirmware compressed file system image. This saves approximately 60MB of RAM.

Simplified installation of the Community Apps plugin. The webGUI automatically includes the Apps menu item, and if CA is not already installed, the page offers an Install button. No need to hunt for the plugin link.

We increased the font size in Terminal and fixed issue with macOS Monterey. Terminal font size is configurable via Settings/Display Settings page.

Mover will create '.partial' file and then rename upon completion.

System start-up will check bz file sha256sums at boot time to verify no corruption.

For cookies managed by webGUI, changed sameSite cookie attribute from 'strict' to 'lax'. This change was made to solve an issue with Terminal window not opening in Safari.

Added ServerChan and Pushplus notification agents, thanks to @ludoux

Other Improvements and Change Log

To see all of the other improvements and the complete Change Log, please reference the wiki!

Let us know what you think!

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