25 March 2023

The Uncast Show 16: Andrew Zawadzki, Creator of Community Apps

Meet the Unraid legend responsible for Community Apps.

Uncast Ep16

Get to know Andrew Zawadzki, aka Squid, an Unraid legend responsible for the Community Applications, Fix Common Problems, and the User Scripts plugins, among many others.

On this episode, Join Ed and Andrew as they discuss Unraid 6.12-rc2, ZFS pros and cons, answer listener questions, and more!

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⏱️ Discussion Timestamps

0:45 -Intros and getting to know Andrew

2:30 - Origin of the Squid moniker

3:50 - What Ed and Squid are watching

4:40 - First computers and interest in technology

6:30 - First forays into Linux and Unraid

9:35 - Andrew's first Unraid build, current rig, and total array size

13:20 - Cheers for beer in official Unraid beer glasses 🍻

14:30 - The origin story of Community Applications, future CA plans, and details about Dockerhub

20:15 - Discussing Andrew's other Unraid Plugins: Fix Common Problems, Appdata backup, User Scripts, and how they stack up against the most popular Unraid downloads

24:05 - User Scripts feature request by Ed

26:02 - Listener Question from Daedalus about why or why not plugins are shipped natively with the OS

29:25 - Unraid 6.12.0-rc2 and ZFS: Pros & Cons, use cases, and what Unraiders need to know

32:05 - PSA regarding backups!

33:30 - ZFS Send, compression, and other ZFS features and possibilities

38:58 - Some downsides of using ZFS

41:30 - Unraid Array Parity vs. ZFS pools; differences in data loss and other risks to consider

44:50 - New Customizable Dashboard in Unraid 6.12; Ed's Christmas wish came true!

45:30 - PSA on some plugins that are now incompatible with Unraid 6.12

47:10 - Listener question from Matt asking about booting from USB2 vs. USB3 flash drives

51:30 - Listener question from dansushi about Gaming on VMs

55:52 - Listener question from Mr. Traxson on managing multiple Unraid servers and clustering

1:00:50 - Listener question from Stefano about Home Automation videos and Unraid

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