VM Manager

If you enable copy/paste for virtual consoles, you need to install additional software on the client in addition to the QEMU agent if that has been installed.

Here is the location for spice-vdagent for both Windows and Linux.

Note copy/paste function will not work with web spice viewer; you need to use virt-viewer.

Other VM Manager changes:

  • Add Serial option to vdisk.
  • Spice Bug fix for users with non-standard GUI ports defined.
  • OVMF for QEMU: version stable202302
  • Fix for bus text.
  • Enable copy-paste option for virtual consoles.
  • Update Memory Backup processing for Virtiofs.
  • Fix lockup when no VMs are present.
  • Add support for rtl8139 network model.
  • Fix translation omission
  • Added lock/unlock for sortable items
  • Fix for Spice Mouse if Copy paste enabled.

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