Obsolete/Broken Plugins

A few plugins are known to be incompatible with Unraid 6.12, and upon boot, they will not be installed. You will get a notification for each affected plugin and can review the list by going to Plugins/Plugin File Install Errors.

  • disklocation-master version 2022.06.18 (Disk Location by olehj, breaks the dashboard)
  • plexstreams version 2022.08.31 (Plex Streams by dorgan, breaks the dashboard)
  • corsairpsu version 2021.10.05 (Corsair PSU Statistics by Fma965, breaks the dashboard)
  • gpustat version 2022.11.30a (GPU Statistics by b3rs3rk, breaks the dashboard)
  • ipmi version 2021.01.08 (IPMI Tools by dmacias72, breaks the dashboard)
  • nut version 2022.03.20 (NUT - Network UPS Tools by dmacias72, breaks the dashboard)
  • NerdPack version 2021.08.11 (Nerd Tools by dmacias72)
  • upnp-monitor version 2020.01.04c (UPnP Monitor by ljm42, not PHP 8 compatible)
  • ZFS-companion version 2021.08.24 (ZFS-Companion Monitor by campusantu, breaks the dashboard)

Different developers have taken over some of the affected plugins, and we recommend that you go to the Apps page and search for replacements.

Please ask plugin-specific questions in the support thread for that plugin.

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