My Servers

A cloud-based set of offerings that will enhance your Unraid experience and simplify otherwise challenging obstacles in security, access, monitoring, and management.

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My Servers Features

Real-time monitoring

Get an overview of your servers, storage, and apps all on a single page.

Online flash backup

Whenever you make configuration changes to the OS, have a backup of your USB flash boot device sent to our cloud. If your flash fails, download your backup to a new flash, replace your license, and you're back up and running!

Secure remote access

Connect to your servers remotely over SSL anytime, using any device over an Internet connection.

License management

Download, upgrade, or replace license keys all through My Servers.

My Servers: 4 Great Features in 1 Plugin

This video by Spaceinvader One walks you through My Servers. This plugin allows for automatic flash backup of your USB flash, remote server monitoring, license key management, and secure remote access to your server.

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Want to learn more about My Servers?

Check out the full My Servers Documentation for an install guide and much, much more.

The My Servers Forum thread is another place for info and troubleshooting.