Optimize Your Digital Media

Optimize your media library to save TBs of space, convert media files to proper formats, automate workflows, and much more!

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Optimize Your Media with Tdarr

Transcode Media from H.264 to H.265

The updated codec uses a more efficient method for processing information, resulting in preserved quality while reducing storage capacity for files by ~50%.

Optimize Content

Media files can contain extra audio tracks or subtitles that take up additional unnecessary storage. Tdarr can strip those unwanted streams from your content, saving you additional space.

Automated Workflows

Set up folder watchers and witness your media library automate efficiency itself. Actions are taken conditionally to convert content, strip streams, and rename files all per policies you set.

GPU Optimization

If your CPU is already throttled by your other apps, Tdarr can use your systems dedicated GPU to process transcoding jobs. Squeeze every ounce of performance you can out of your hardware.

Cross-platform Nodes

Have multiple systems capable of transcoding? Want to combine your machines into a hive that can process your tdarr jobs concurrently? Cross-platform Tdarr Nodes work together with your main server to process data.

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