Host Your Own Community

Host your own private chat and collaboration communities on a system you own and control. Rocket Chat makes you the administrator of your entire community platform.

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Host Your Own Communities with Rocket Chat

All you expect of modern chat

Comparable to Slack or any other major communications platform, just in a package you install on your own server.

Enable Video Conferencing with Jitsi

Rocket Chat organizes your chat community, but with Jitsi, you can engage in real web conferences with audio and video.

End-to-end encryption

Chats are kept private and confidential with encryption technology. Even better when its self-hosted.

Completely Private and Self-Moderated

When it's on an Unraid server that you own and control, you decide the rules.

Connect all your providers

Stream all your music formats and services through one common interface. The ultimate solution for interface consolidation.

Rocket Chat on Unraid

How to setup rocket chat 1

Follow along with SpaceInvaderOne to learn how to host your own communities using Rocket Chat on Unraid OS!

Get Started with Unraid Today

To start your free 30-day trial of Unraid OS, you'll need a high-quality USB flash drive and an internet connection to your server.

Your USB drive must contain a unique GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) and be between 1GB and 32GB in size.

Next, install the OS on your USB drive by downloading our USB Creator app, an open-source program digitally signed by Lime Technology, Inc.

Visit our Getting Started article for details on how to set up Unraid OS.