Buy a Genuine Unraid License


Oh no! Are you pirating Unraid OS?

Are you ready to buy a real license? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

By purchasing a legitimate Unraid license, you are both improving your system's security as well as supporting independent software developers.

Steps to Getting a Genuine Unraid License

  • Download the USB creator and install Unraid to a brand new high-quality flash drive.
  • Copy the config folder from your existing flash drive to the new flash drive.
  • Delete any *.key file from the config folder on the new flash drive.
  • Boot Unraid using the new flash drive and log in with your root password.
  • For Unraid 6.10 and newer: use the UPC in the upper right corner of the page. You can obtain a trial license key or you can click "Purchase Key."
  • For Unraid 6.9 and older: Navigate to Tools -> Registration and click “Purchase Key.”

Thank you for going legitimate with a genuine Unraid license.

Start Here

Download a new trial and complete the steps above. Thank you for supporting us with a genuine Unraid license.

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