Unraid Sponsorship of Let's Encrypt!

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A little while back we added the ability to enable SSL protection for your locally connected webGui sessions. To avoid folks from seeing annoying browser security warnings regarding self-signed certificates, we partnered with Let's Encrypt to provision real certificates from an actual CA (certificate authority). Given how well this solution has worked, it was only logical for us to start experimenting with extending this benefit beyond the LAN.

Secure remote access has been a highly requested feature, but there are a number of challenges to overcome. It's actually been possible to configure this for some time now, thanks to guides like this one that our loyal user community has put together. Unfortunately the effort required to do so was far too much for most folks. That is why we've been secretly working on simplifying this process dramatically. While the feature isn't live yet, it is one of the key reasons why we chose officially sponsor Let's Encrypt!

Stay tuned to our site and forums for more updates on secure remote access in Unraid 6!