May 05, 2022 Releases

Unraid OS 6.10.0-rc6 Now Available

6 10rc6
As always before updating, please create a backup of your USB flash via "Main/Flash/"Flash Backup".

What's New in Release Candidate 6?

This release includes bug fixes and updates of base packages.

Notable changes:

  • Revert out-of-tree Intel ixgbe network driver back to in-tree version.
  • Changing the root user password will log out all webGUI browser sessions.
  • Changed the row highlighting on the Main and Shares page.
  • WireGuard improvements
  • Improved IPv6 support

Please note: It would be extremely helpful to us to report issues and bugs by creating a separate Bug Report.

Full Unraid 6.10.0-rc6 Change Log

Check out the official release post for more info and the complete Change Log.

Other Changes in 6.10.0-rc6 (vs. 6.10.0-rc5)

Base distro:

  • curl: version 7.83.0 (CVE-2022-22576 CVE-2022-27774 CVE-2022-27775 CVE-2022-27776)
  • docker: version 20.10.14 (CVE-2022-24769)
  • intel-microcode: version 20220419
  • kernel-firmware: version 20220425_ac21ab5
  • libvirt: 8.2.0
  • nginx: verstion 1.21.6
  • php: version 7.4.29
  • samba: version 4.15.7 (CVE-2021-44141 CVE-2021-441412 CVE-2022-0336)
  • swtpm:version 0.7.3 (CVE-2022-23645)

Linux kernel:

  • Linux 5.15.37-Unraid
  • GIGABYTE_WMI: Gigabyte WMI temperature driver
  • patch: "drm/i915/gen11: Moving WAs to icl_gt_workarounds_init()"
  • oot: ixgbe: revert back to the in-tree driver


  • better IPv6 suport
  • emhttpd: delete all PHP sessions when root password is changed (logs everyone out)
  • rc.libvirt: test the existence of a VM before adding it to the NAMES list
  • webgui: Adjusted row highlighting on main and shares page to better suit people with color impairment
  • webgui: Shares: fix wrong size computation
  • webgui: Wireguard: fix import function to accept all keys
  • webgui: Parity check: allow spinup/spindown when the operation is paused
  • webgui: fix: remove reauthentication msg from email notifications
  • webgui: Docker: Ignore icon references to the default question mark
  • webgui: Docker: translation optimization
  • webgui: Translations: fix creation of empty sessions
  • webgui: Add notification agent for ServerChan
  • webgui: Add notification agent for Pushplus
  • webgui: fix(upc): postmessage interference v1.0.1

Do You Want to Know More?

Visit the official forum thread for complete release details.