June 18, 2021 Media, Podcast

Uncast Episode 4: Fireside Chat with Bill Kleyman

On episode 4 of the Uncast pod, join Jon Panozzo and Bill Kleyman, EVP of Digital Solutions for Switch for a fireside chat about industry trends relevant to cloud, on-premise, and hosted (co-located) solutions.

In addition, learn about how Bill uses Unraid to further enhance his home computing environment and create a dividing line between personal and lab infrastructure equipment.

Want to learn more or connect with Bill? Check him out on LinkedIn or Twitter.

If you want to learn more, Bill has written two articles about his personal Unraid server:

  1. Re-Imagining Digital: How one of the most dense and efficient systems revolutionized my lab and media design
  2. Mind-Blowing Performance and Density: 45 Drives and Unraid Created the Perfect Marriage for a Business Engine, Media Host, Full Lab Environment

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