August 13, 2020 Announcement, Media

The Past, Present and Future of Unraid on the Selfhosted Podcast

Unraid's CSO Jonathan Panozzo joins Alex Kretzschmar and Chris Fisher of the Selfhosted podcast to talk all things Unraid. Big thanks to the Selfhosted podcast and Jupiter Broadcasting for the chance to chat!

After receiving some feedback and seeing some misconceptions about future licensing expressed, we wanted to set the record straight:

The Unraid community is the single most important thing to us at Lime Technology and we take all customer concerns seriously. We wanted to clarify a point about future subscription offerings mentioned on this podcast:

Any future subscription offerings will be for new Unraid products and services separate from our current core OS licenses and will not affect current users. Your Unraid license will still include all future upgrades and features and you will still be able to purchase licenses for a one-time fee.

Thank you very much for your passionate and enthusiastic support. If you have any questions or comments about this podcast or future Unraid offerings, we will do our best to answer what we can in the forum post linked at the bottom of this page.

Timestamped Topics Discussed:

~2m: Intros

~3m: Sustainable business models and Coronavirus

~5m: Origin story and future business offerings

~7m: Cloud Competition and the staying power of self hosting

~12m: The Future of Unraid (6.9, 6.10 and beyond)

~17m: Storage Performance Tiers

~19m: What about ZED FS (ZFS)?

~23m: Bringing Enterprise Performance Home

~25m: Building off of Slackware

~28m: The Container Revolution

~34m: Unraid My Servers

~35m: How to get started with Unraid

Thanks for listening!

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